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Serviceware Performance for AI/ML based Corporate Performance Management

Serviceware Performance for AI/ML based Corporate Performance Management.

Serviceware: Your partner for holistic financial Corporate Performance Management

Political uncertainty and, as a consequence, great economic complexity entail risks, but also new opportunities. At the same time, the need for digital transformation and a high level of business agility is once again increasing: In Financial Corporate Performance Management, quality, accuracy and speed thus play a more business-critical role than ever before.

  • Wouldn't you also like to have the flexibility to quickly adapt a plan that has become obsolete due to new developments?
  • Wouldn't it be great if your planning tool actively supported you in data aggregation and you didn't have to deal with it much at all?
  • Don't you think it would be beneficial if the alternative plans provided alternatives for different simulated scenarios?
  • Would you like your data model to be able to be trained, to learn just like that, and thus to improve data quality, forecasts and predictions a significant bit each time?
  • Do you like to start directly and conveniently via self-service, without prior knowledge of programming or data science?

If you answered yes to all of the above, then Serviceware Performance with the AI module is exactly what you need for your Corporate Performance Management to take your planning process to the next level of efficiency!

With AI and ML towards more efficiency

Yan Qu, Product Owner AI, briefly describes how Serviceware Performance works as an AI based efficiency booster in the planning process:

With the Performance AI module, you can:

Use, adapt, extend, update with new data and train a model once it has been created
Achieve optimal results with powerful ML models
Predict different matrices faster, more accurately, and plan more easily
Make data-driven decisions based on highly accurate and self-learning predictions
Increase the efficiency of the whole team and free up space for important tasks and analysis
Avoid human biases of judgment and instead rely on reliable, data-driven AI

Experience Serviceware Performance with AI/ML! 

AI/ML in financial & strategic planning. How to achieve a successful digital transformation.


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