Why rely on luck for IT decisions?

The analytics solutions from Veritas and Serviceware makes you a winner every time.



Helping you lower costs and use less resources 

APTARE IT Analytics is the only IT analysis platform that provides a unified view of all major storage backup and multi-cloud environments in one view.
This gives you precisely a transparent perspective on your diverse environment to help you make the decisions to grow your business.

The savings achieved with APTARE give you more room to manoeuvre. Immediately.


less IT resources


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Take out the luck of your operations

For real and precise analysis, it is better to rely on APTARE IT Analytics and the Enterprise Service & Data Management cof Serviceware SE as a Veritas Platinum Partner you can trust.

The ESG Economic Validation Report
says APTARE offers:

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  • 90% reduction in IT management software costs
  • 24% reduction in used storage resources
  • Reduction of the used computing power by 5%.

One dashboard for all your backup solutions, storage systems and clouds

IT environments are becoming increasingly complex with data and applications delivered in fragmented, multi-vendor, multi-platform environments.  Virtualization and the cloud make infrastructure more readily available, but IT costs are rising and data loss and downtime are still all too common. APTARE IT Analytics is the only extensible platform that provides end-to-end insight and analysis across data protection, storage, virtual and cloud environments from multiple vendors.

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A successful partnership

Veritas is the market leader in data protection and availability and with APTARE now also in the IT analytics sector. Serviceware is Veritas Platinum Partner and offers certified consulting, implementation and managed services for all Veritas products.


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Lars Linden, Sales Director  Serviceware SE

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