Cloud costs under control?

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Cloud costs under control?

How to integrate your cloud services into your cost model

About the webinar

Cloud costs are rising yearly and are increasingly substituting companies' own infrastructure and on-premise landscape.
Due to the high flexibility, scalability, complex billing models and often decentralized procurement, financial management faces new IT requirements for IT finance and IT controlling.

In this webinar, we join VMware to highlight how you:

  • Gain a transparent analysis of all cloud providers and your private cloud architecture according to FinOps
  • Integrate your cloud services into your service model on a cause-related basis and bill them consistently
  • Immediately identify savings opportunities to reduce your cloud costs in the short, medium and long term


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Alexander Kriechbaum, Cloud Solutions Architect, VMware

Alexander Kriechbaum
Cloud Solutions Architect, VMware

Fabian Mieloch, Enterprise Solution Engineer, Serviceware

Fabian Mieloch
Enterprise Solution Engineer, Serviceware