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Ensure successful Corporate Performance Management with state of the art planning and analytics

Nowadays, a plan has to be one thing above all else: flexible. With the help of a suitable software solution, not only do you have more control over your costs and financial requirements, you can also react more swiftly to the market, make the most of opportunities and recognize problems ahead of time. This way, you are able to gain insights into future opportunities for the further development of your company. Serviceware Performance covers all the features of an integrated, success-oriented planning system. A secure, transparent, and comprehensible solution for all users, that enables you to optimize your planning cycle and minimize your coordination processes. 


Simplifying complex processes

The intuitive interface in Serviceware Performance meets the needs of all users. Whether experienced Excel users, managers or occasional users, this solution is suitable for all employees. As all users work in one environment, there is no discontinuity of media and no need to transfer data from one excel file to another. The plausibility of error-prone manual data entry can be checked immediately, so you can be sure your figures are correct. Thanks to the automation of these processes, you save more time and have full control of your planning workflow at all times. Reports can be generated at the click of a mouse and simple ad-hoc analyses provide transparency.


Ready-made solutions for your requirements

Top-down planning, budgeting, forecasting, tactical planning, standard reporting, ad-hoc analyses: The central components of Serviceware Performance can be used for all planning activities right away. They simply need to be adapted to the business model and requirements of your company. Our experienced consultants here at cubus will make light work of implementing your new planning environment at a low cost. Preparation of your business content also means you can focus on increasing productivity and make the most of all the benefits the solution provides for your industry straight away.


Secure and integrated

Serviceware Performance can easily be integrated into your existing system landscape and networks. A role-based authorization concept provides secure access to your actual, planning and forecast data. This makes a simple sign-on system possible, as well as full integration into portals and other applications. Each department can conveniently enter their numbers via the internet/intranet. Data is then checked centrally and amalgamated in useful ways. Prepare standard reports and management dashboards for further analysis or offer users an independent analysis option. This ‚self-service‘ system is particularly suited for decentralized business departments. The solution provides a simple way for local users to process their own results.


Your advantages with Serviceware Performance


Gain a better understanding on how your company is performing at any time
Keep costs under control and discover new opportunities
Develop realistic plans to achieve your business objectives
Link your company's finances to your projects and strategy


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