Digital Cost Optimisation with TBM and ITFM

As the digital transformation initiatives are growing, IT costs are increasing. What if there is a way to increase digital transformation initiatives and save IT costs to secure and fund innovations?

What should the finance and digital leaders do to drive IT and Shared Services costs down and remain in the current operations fiscal control?

About this Grab'n Go session:

In this session, Peter Grydgaard, Partner and IT Finance expert, Deloitte Consulting, and Dr. Alexander Becker, COO, Serviceware, discuss the impact of Technology Business Management (TBM) aka IT Financial Management (ITFM) on driving a successful fiscal control. Moreover, they discuss how TBM/ITFM solutions can point to the opportunity areas where IT costs can be significantly reduced.

Video breakdown in minutes:

  • 04:18 - 06:07: How companies can tackle growing IT costs
  • 06:07 - 08:52: What is ITFM, and how to utilize its capabilities
  • 09:00 - 11:54: How ITFM models inform the discussion on cost optimisation
  • 14:21 - 20:00: Dr. Alex Becker shows a live demo of Serviceware Financial
  • 20:00 - 23:45: How to kick-off a cost optimisation and transformation project – the Deloitte approach
  • 25:30 - 28:51: Dr. Alex Beckercomments on methods to make savings