Webinar: "Ensuring full value of the implementation of an ITFM solution"

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Speaker: Dr. Alexander Becker, Chief Operating Officer

You have decided that you want to implement a new tool for the financial management of your IT and shared services into your organization. However, this tool on its own will not be able to magically reinvent your processes. It takes the right approaches and strategies to guarantee that your new solution will net you significant profits and benefits in the short and the long run.

We will run you through a typical use case for Serviceware Financial to show you which challenges await you and how to overcome them.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • How to build a value-oriented ITFM project
  • How to allocate the resources for a staged approach to this implementation
  • How you ensure that your project does not become a "neverending story"
  • How you can guarantee a full payback on your investment within 6 months
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