Escape from Excel Hell

Date: Tuesday, November 10, 2020
Time: 4 PM - 4:45 PM (CEST)
Speaker: Oliver Braun
Language: English

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Although the measures around COVID-19 are currently being relaxed, the economic conditions have gone through sustained deterioration. German exports, for example, slumped by 30% in April.

CFOs and controllers like you are now faced with the task of reviewing their budgets for fiscal 2020 and, if necessary, making comprehensive adjustments. This requires the appropriate tools. Excel is not, at least not by itself.

According to the BARC Planning Survey 2020, 76% of all companies use Excel for planning and budgeting, knowing that the complexity and manual workload is high. However, the reporting and analysis possibilities of Excel are modest at best. As the number of users in the company increases, so do the risks of relying on Excel tool. Important decisions are made based on supposed facts, while in reality, plenty of Excel sheets are riddled with undetected errors. Welcome to Excel Hell!

In our webinar "Escape from Excel Hell" we will show you:

why Excel should not be the standard tool for planning,
how you can still leverage the advantages of Excel,
how you can enjoy the additional benefits of a BI tool

We will present our solution approach in the live system and answer your questions afterwards.

How do you Escape from Excel Hell?

If your Excel applications have become too complex, but at the same time are too important for the company and its core processes, it is time to convert these applications into a database-driven solution. In doing so, you can retain the advantages of Excel in terms of simple and intuitive use and combine them with the advantages of a BI tool.

What challenges do you have with Excel?
Let us know and we will gladly show you the ways of escaping Excel hell!

Message to a Serviceware Performance Expert

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Corporate Performance Management with Excel might work, but it does not improve transparency, facilitate financial analysis, and optimize your corporate controlling. The BARC Planning Survey - the world's largest independent survey of planning and budgeting tools - determined Serviceware Performance to be the leading software tool for corporate performance management.

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