Create a business case for your hybrid cloud strategy.

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Create A Business Case For Your Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Moving to the cloud gives you the flexibility and scalability you need whilst cutting costs. It enables you to quickly respond to customer demand at a time when digital transformation is accelerating. Find out how you can incorporate a full view of the benefits for your business in this free report.

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The next steps on your hybrid cloud journey 

The business case for cloud seems obvious. For many, a cloud business case is simply a formality to abide by funding governance. Others want to set a strategic direction or devise a set of principles that will guide their decisions. Too many infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders still think of cloud as a cost reduction play.

Cloud is often cheaper, but its biggest impact is on your organization’s speed and ability to flex to customer demands. A business case can call this out and serve as reinforcement to this commitment. This report gives digital transformation professionals the tools to make the right business case for cloud by applying Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) model to the four major cloud use cases.

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Key discussions in the report

  • The most compelling business case for cloud is for building new apps 

  • How business cases largely favour cloud adoption but how results can vary depending on the option you choose

  • How to build your analysis around core case uses within your business

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