Serviceware Financial Performance: CIO and CFO on the seesaw

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Serviceware provides software solutions for the digitalization and automation of ITFM processes to increase service quality and reduce service costs by up to 40%. We already work with 12 of the biggest companies in Germany as well as many others around Europe in delivering strategic enablers to transform their businesses. A successful post COVID-19 response requires a review of all product and service lines, projects and programs to identify cost savings and the impact on revenue, profitability and jobs. How can you achieve this? Serviceware, that’s how.

Customers can build a service catalogue with up to date information on price and service levels
Business and IT managers get unprecedented visibility into IT cost drivers
An automated, centralized system of record improves workflows and coordination between departments
Better working relationships between the IT organization and business units


How did we help our customers save millions on their IT budget without impacting service? Find out here in this Forrester Total Economic Impact Study

Digital transformation offers huge opportunities, but comes with big challenges. Developing new initiatives driven by cloud and digital technology pushes up your IT spend and requires a more agile way of accounting for and managing your IT finance. You need today's technology services to be clear and transparent, helping business and IT executives connect, communicate and cooperate.



Key benefits of Serviceware Financial

5m benefits PV
IT spend reduction
3m cost avoidance

"In the past, we would spend hours discussing whether IT was too expensive. Now we are having discussions about specific measures to drive down costs. We will spend time on these meetings, but it's time well spent."

Senior project manager, financial services.
ROI 270%
6 months payback perios
Forrester Study Serviceware Financial: NPV €4 million

"Having this transparency for customers (i.e. business users) generates a lot of trust, which was missing before. It's much easier to move our discussions beyond 'You're too expensive' and 'No we're not' to more fruitful ones around how we can work together to cut costs."

Senior project manager, financial services.

We commissioned Forrester Consulting to interview Serviceware ITFM customers. Their responses are detailed in the study - The Total Economic Impact™ of Serviceware Financial.  – Download the entire infographic here!

  • Period using Serviceware - 3 years
  • Combined average IT spend - €150m pa
  • Combined average workforce - 20,000

Key drivers for customers adopting Serviceware Financial

it cost transparency, fewer errors
data quality
reduced lead time

ITFM Forrester TEI Study: Used before: multiple spreadsheets or customized ERP systemsWhat did customers use before deploying the Serviceware solution? 3 out of 4 had some sort of customized enterprise resource planning tool in place and/or juggled multiple spread sheets without achieving the transparency they needed.

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The C-Suite asks – Here are some quick how to videos based on questions we have received from the C-Suite of our major customers across Europe and the US:

How to secure liquidity without compromising business critical services?


How to analyze costs of strategic partners minimizing the impact on the service portfolio?


How to evaluate strategic relevant projects within the project portfolio?


How to revise the budget during a crisis as results of savings and consumption changes?


Get your copy of the Forrester study "Total Economic Impact of Serviceware Financial"

Forrester study "Total Economic Impact of Serviceware Financial"