Transfer Pricing powered by KPMG

Transfer Pricing powered by KPMG

Serviceware has extended its cooperation with KPMG to strengthen the joint offering for customers in the field of transfer pricing. Find out how to make your billing transparent, compliant and audit-proof here.

Satisfy all of your transfer pricing requirements with the power of KPMG and Serviceware Financial

Serviceware Financial will help you generate reports for intercompany service charges based on the automated transfer pricing model of KPMG. The reports show where and which costs have been charged and ensures tax regulations are complied with and risks are minimized. Serviceware Financial offers you advanced IT service cost modelling, in-depth automated IT budgeting, cloud cost management and flexible and customizable monitoring. By adding advanced transfer pricing features, CFOs, CIOs and finance managers now have even more powerful tools that offer a step change in IT and shared services management. You can read the full announcement here.

Key features of the KPMG x Serviceware Transfer Pricing module

  • Transparent, compliant, audit-proof
    Make sure that all of your billing for the international market is handled simple and automated

  • No risks, no subsequent payments
    The calculation model created by KPMG in cooperation with Serviceware Financial allows for the correct and automated calculation of all service prices

  • Seamless transfer pricing documentation
    Thanks to automated reports you always know where costs are allocated and can verify all cost items in conformity with the law

"The services provided by Serviceware and KPMG complement each other in the field of tax transfer prices and offer a considerable added value for companies."

Michel Braun, Director, Tax – Global Transfer Pricing Services at KPMG.

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