Microsoft Power BI integrates Serviceware Performance Analytics.

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Unlimited in-depth analysis at anytime  

Does this situation sound familiar?

Your administrator has brought you real-time data from various disconnected data sources and you are thinking something is missing in the visualized data as well as the dashboards configured for you. It’s okay, but why can’t you explore deeper? Perhaps from another data source or you want to look at the detailed P&L figures? Now for the first time with Serviceware, you can easily and quickly tap into additional data pots without extensive database knowledge.


Microsoft Power BI as a dashboarding and reporting tool

Microsoft Power BI is a leading BI solution: Intuitive, simple and modern, it lets you aggregate, analyze and visualize real-time data from disconnected sources and share the results with third parties. But before you can use Power BI dashboards, you need the information aggregated by your specialist database administrator. So how do you get to the more advanced data without the administrator having to create another dashboard for your specific question? With Serviceware Performance AL!


Serviceware Performance AL as an intelligent interface between databases and your Power BI

Serviceware Performance AL provides you with a flexible and easy to use connection to many databases (SSAS, IBM TM1, Oracle Essbase). You gain immediate access to comprehensive analysis options and to the complete metadata of the underlying multidimensional data spaces. Guided analyses (in a fixed and non-variable data space) become free analyses. You can perform your analyses in the multidimensional data room completely in self-service, prepare results quickly and store important findings in your own standard reports and update them again at any time. Using the subscription function, you can regularly push reports to yourself or to any e-mail distribution list. You ensure full transparency of data across your company.


What our customers say

"The integration of Serviceware Performance AL in Power BI at Aviko - one of our customers - offers the advantage that all dashboards and Performance AL reports can be offered via one platform."

(Peter Kortman, Senior Consultant / Deeliver I Solution – Partner of Serviceware)


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What are the benefits of the integration for you?

Download our One Pager and find out 5 ways to maximize your use of Microsoft Power BI for financial analysis. Visit also our events and learn more about Serviceware Performance. We look forward to seeing you.


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Maximize your Microsoft Power BI with Serviceware Performance AL

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