Serviceware Performance release 9.2.

Serviceware Performance release 9.2: Now with the new AI module

The new version of Serviceware Performance is available. Discover the new features and functions as well as the new Performance AI module!

What does the new software version 9.2 bring?

Serviceware Performance 9.2 provides you with a special feature. In addition to numerous interesting features and enhancements, we are introducing a new module with this version. The Performance AI module! Use now artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to your advantage and plan even more productively and conveniently.


Level up your planning process with Serviceware Performance artificial intelligence module

The new Performance AI module takes your planning to the next level

We live in uncertain times. Economic complexity meets ever-increasing enigmas. Currently, quality, accuracy, and quickness play a major role in planning. While ever-increasing amounts of data need to be processed, planning and forecasting should become even simpler and faster at the same time. In addition, companies today need the flexibility to immediately adapt planning that has become obsolete due to a crisis of the new conditions to quickly develop alternatives. Under such conditions, the controlling team should no longer have to spend so much time for compiling the data. Their time is precious, and their know-how is now needed for more important tasks and analyses.

We support you with our AI-based planning to increase the accuracy and quality of your planning process!



Serviceware Performance AI module at a glance

Many controlling departments still face a hard time with the use of AI and ML. The advantages are unclear, and the efforts might be wrongly estimated. We want to dispel these prejudices. Through close cooperation with well-known companies, we have developed a powerful and easy-to-use solution that will make financial and operational planning much easier for you:

  • Integrate the AI module easily into your application environment
  • Customize and train a model according to your requirements; in this procedure, the more data the "machine" learns and processes, the better and faster the predictions become.
  • Automate recurring routine tasks and let the AI module work for you instead
  • Use your (historical) data to predict different scenarios and new planning cycles
  • Get started directly and conveniently via self-service; previous knowledge in programming or data science is not required.

Any AI is only as good as the data chosen to train it. That means you set the defaults and define KPIs, so the system can learn intelligently. After the initial setup, the formula is:

Your model + new data = new predictions and results


With the Performance AI module, you can:


Use, adapt, extend, update with new data and train a model once it has been created
Achieve optimal results with powerful ML models
Predict different matrices faster, more accurately, and plan more easily
Make data-driven decisions based on highly accurate and self-learning predictions
Increase the efficiency of the whole team and free up space for important tasks and analysis
Avoid human biases of judgment and instead rely on reliable, data-driven AI



Your Performance AI introductory offer:

Plan more cost-effectively and with more foresight as an early adopter and save on procurement as well.

AI and ML for successful business management: Get to know the new Serviceware Performance AI module and benefit from our early adopter offer. Get in touch with us and find out about the conditions today. It pays to be quick!


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Performance AL Anywhere Client: What's new?

Now available in Performance AL Anywhere: PDF/Excel export

The ability to print extensively customized PDF and spreadsheet reports from one or more analysis views is one of the most popular features. With the release of the new Serviceware Performance 9.2 version, the following features are available within Performance AL Anywhere:

  • It is now more convenient for you to export data from your ad hoc analyses. We have also redesigned the user interface of the export menu where all export options are available from one panel.
  • When selecting print areas, you get numerous options and enjoy maximum flexibility.
  • Nothing stands in the way of the efficient creation of your routine reports for management anymore.

Performance Analytics function of pdf/excel import.


Reduce manual efforts for views with templates

Have you been using the extensive features and complex formatting views of your corporate identity specifications?

You can now reuse these defined formatting settings in the Performance AL Anywhere client because views can now be saved as templates:

  • When you create a new view, you simply choose the template and save manual effort.
  • All your views get a consistent look-and-feel.
  • Consequently, you can comfortably produce professional management reports, which are consistent in appearance and easy to read.


Technical updates for more administration convenience in IT and other departments:

In addition to some bug fixes, Serviceware Performance has been enhanced with some new APIs that make it easier for you to integrate AI services for predictive planning.
In Serviceware Performance AL, you can now update all your subscriptions at once with a new password.
AL Explorer can now be used in modern browsers like Google Chrome or Chromium Edge and supports bulk editing of items.


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