Saving jobs whilst streamlining the business

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Saving jobs whilst streamlining the business

About the webinar

The world of business transformation continues across all organizations - despite the current crisis - whether it is in areas of Digital, Customer Experience, HR or any other. Most organizations still to need to manage their corporate risk and protect their reputation. However, today companies are faced with a time of massive uncertainty and continued disruption.

Traditional ways of working and operating are changing for good and huge pressure is being exerted to significantly cut costs, rebuild revenue streams and plan for new growth throughout the COVID-19 recovery period. Yet most enterprises lack the ability to model cost-cutting scenarios and are instead resorting to cutting jobs, thereby putting the livelihoods of many of their employees at risk. It doesn’t have to be like this.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

Service costing and the transparency of  data
The ability of an organization to change quickly
The impact upon the desired business outcomes of the organization

What you will get out of it is an understanding of:

How to establish full cost transparency of enterprise services
How to model different costing and budgeting scenarios
How to increase financial governance across the wider organization

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Johann Diaz, Director of Business Value Consulting, Serviceware SE

Johann Diaz
Director of Business Value Consulting, Serviceware SE