Webinar: "Securing liquidity in a downturn by assessing cloud spend"

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As we experience the dynamics of the corona crisis and the limited sight in the future company performance, CIOs may be called upon to help improve liquidity by pursing opportunities to improve cash flows.

On the cost side, this requires a comprehensive overview on cash outflows related to IT products and services and the understanding of the ability to influence these outflows without risking productivity.

In this context, a major lever is provided by cloud expenses, which are usually flexible in terms of usage and payment.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • How can I analyze my cloud spend vs. cloud usage - does the organization maintain excess capacity?
  • How can I rebalance IT Service demand an provisioning fueled by cloud technology?
  • How can I assess the importance of cloud services for the company's performance and prioritize my efforts accordingly?
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