new release Serviceware Knowledge 5.43



Serviceware Knowledge Release 5.43


Overview of the most important updates

Deactivating the use of a color profile

There now is an extra checkbox labeled “Use color profile” in the editing mask of the themes. This checkbox is activated per default. Deactivating this checkbox disables the color profile which automatically hides all the color fields below.

The color profiles currently contain 10 colors. However, more than 50 colors are defined in the background, which provide a better overview at certain points of the user interface (e.g. which areas are clickable or which element is currently selected). To be able to see all nuances, it is possible to ignore the self-defined colors with this new function and to use the predefined colors instead. In this case only the logos are customizable.


Color profile activated


Color Profile Deactivated


Text editing mask


BETA feature: Using multiple templates in one text

Until now it was only possible to use one template per text. Using multiple templates in one text will help you compose your texts by using smaller elements and configure them according to your needs. For this purpose, the administrator can activate the function "BETA-Feature Enable text block templates" in the admin tab by selecting the checkbox.

Note: This feature is not working when using the content creation assistant. The templates are not filtered.

After enabling that feature, you will no longer find the field for adding templates in the text editing mask. Instead, you will now find a new icon in the toolbar of the CKEditor.

Template mask


Place the cursor at the position in the text where you want to insert the template and click on the new icon. A mask displaying a list of all the available templates appears. When you click on a template it will be previewed right next to it. Select the desired template and confirm your selection with "OK". The mask closes and the content of the template you selected is inserted into the text at the position where you placed your cursor before. The tags of the accepted templates are applied to the text. The validity of the templates is not applied, because the validity dates of different templates may differ. If necessary, you can define the validity for the text individually as usual.

Note: As this feature is still in beta phase, there are still limitations.


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