Charging and Transfer Pricing

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About the webinar

Charging & Transfer Pricing

Stakeholders in IT, Finance and Tax agree on the importance of transfer pricing regulations within their enterprises and invest a lot of time and resources into charging and transfer pricing. At the same time globalization, the discussion on tax avoidance and initiatives of the OECD (BEPS) as well as of the EU increase the complexity of the topic. Aligning finance strategies effectively with broader business objectives becomes key when it comes to mitigating risks, adhering to tax regulations, documenting in an audit-compliant manner and decreasing the time and resources enterprises need to allocate to charging and transfer pricing. Join us in leveraging technology-driven strategies to unburden your teams.

Gain valuable insights:

  • How to map global value creation of IT and shared services correctly and bring it to your dashboard
  • Supporting the arm's-length principle and cost plus method: Serviceware Financial
  • Working with cost type specific mark-ups, country / legal entity specific mark-ups
  • Avoiding margin stacking
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculation (unit costs / unit price)
  • Automatically generate consumption data
  • Audit-proof documentation of transfer prices
  • How to manage SLA's / OLA's and contracts


Oliver Lorig

Oliver Lorig

Senior Solution Engineer International, Serviceware SE

Sascha Wolters

Sascha Wolters

Enterprise Solution Engineer, Serviceware SE