Transfer Pricing

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Duration: 50 minutes

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About the webinar

Transfer pricing

The importance of transfer pricing regulations for tax purposes is increasing. Globalization, the discussion on tax avoidance and initiatives of the OECD (BEPS) as well as of the EU are increasing the complexity. Today, finance and tax managers cite transfer prices and their documentation as a key priority which presents a significant risk potential for companies in case of not meeting the regulatory compliance. How can you moderate business requirements and tax regulations using a simple method? A critical success factor here is a holistic approach.

Here is what you'll learn:

  • What are the special features of transfer pricing relating to IT and Shared Services?
  • How can you leverage best practices and bill for IT services in an audit-compliant manner?
  • Lastly, we will give you a live demonstration on how to implement transfer pricing, based on real customer experience


Fabian Mieloch

Fabian Mieloch

Enterprise Solution Engineer, Serviceware