Virtual Workforces, now Rapid Cost Cutting - the next CIO Challenge

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Virtual Workforces, now Rapid Cost Cutting - the next CIO Challenge

About the webinar

The world of business transformation continues across all organizations - despite the COVID-19 crisis - whether it is in areas of Digital, Customer Experience, HR or any other. However traditional ways of working are now changing for good, thanks to the CIO’s success of rapidly virtualizing the workforce.

Now the focus has turned to rapid, significant cost reduction and the CIO is once again challenged with identifying further transformation tactics to take cost out of the business, but quickly and without adversely affecting service quality. Yet, most companies lack the ability to model scenarios in real time and predict the impact of their changes. So their decisions can often be ill-informed and have negative impacts on future growth.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Cost transparency across IT services
  • 3 key levers that can yield significant cost savings
  • How to model different costing and budgeting scenarios

What you will get out of it is an understanding of:

  • How to continue to be the change agent the organization needs
  • How IT can lead the cost reduction program
  • Why other CXO leaders need your help

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Johann Diaz, Director of Business Value Consulting

Johann Diaz
Director of Business Value Consulting