Meaningful Service Costing. Holy Grail or New Reality?

How do you introduce sustainable service costing mechanisms into your organization? What is the role that ITFM software plays in this scenario? Jo Hart, highly experienced leader in the Global Business Services and Shared Services, shares his insights.

Read our new white paper and find out how to optimize service costing and create more cost consciousness!

Free white paper by GBS leader Jo Hart

In this white paper you will learn…

…how meaningful service costing can transform organizational behavior
…how a unified, horizontal view on business services can create a competitive advantage
…how ITFM software like Serviceware can enable organizations to make these potential benefits a reality

What you get from this white paper:

A greater understanding on the importance of knowledge and transparency regarding your service costs
Insights into the strategic value that end-to-end service costing can bring to your organization

Drive company-wide cost optimization!

Read the free white paper and find out how to leverage ITFM software to bring your service costing to the next level.