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  • Dr. Daniel Stock

    Dr. Daniel Stock

    Budget Planning
    Performance Management
    Global Business Services

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  • Johann Diaz

    Johann Diaz

    Business Value Improvement
    Enterprise Services FM
    Business Service Transformation

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  • Dr. Alexander Becker

    Dr. Alexander Becker

    Corporate Performance Management
    ITFM Implementation
    Field Service Design

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  • Dr. Christopher Boortz

    Dr. Christopher Boortz

    ITFM Processes & Solutions
    Technology Business Management
    Project & Cost Variability

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In these uncertain times it is very difficult to predict the economic impact of the corona virus. It is likely that business operations will be challenged more extensively than we have ever experienced. In Germany the GDP is expected to fall by up to 5.8% while in the UK and across Europe the impact is expected to be equally as severe. Serviceware would like to help.

As a company we have over 20 years of experience in supporting financial managers and throughout this crisis we would like to offer insights, advice and support to you. On this page we will offer a number of “how to” videos exploring the prominent issues that many of our customers in the DAX 30 have asked us about. We are also offering 3 free hours of online consulting with our experienced team to develop an action plan for you to help you through this economic crisis.


How to videos

"Serviceware Financial" is a new approach for the financial management of IT and shared services to optimize and automate all processes throughout the service cycle from planning to reporting. We offer our wealth of experience in driving corporate performance management via smart budgeting, scenario management and analytics. For further reading you can download a copy of the Forrester Total Economic Impact Study that highlights how Serviceware can save you millions on your IT Budget.

We have produced a selection of videos based on feedback from customers that have been approached with the same questions from their management, in particular the CFO. With the help of our Strategic Service Consulting team, we have condensed 4 key themes into short ‘how to’ videos that hopefully provide some thoughts and solutions for your cost analysis.


How to secure liquidity without compromising business critical services?


How to analyze costs of strategic partners minimizing the impact on the service portfolio?


How to evaluate strategic relevant projects within the project portfolio?


How to revise the budget during a crisis as results of savings and consumption changes?


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