Serviceware Financial 6.1 Release: Guided Collaboration

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Revolutionize collaborative planning of corporate IT and Shared Services with this game-changing ITFM software update.

Comprehensive IT and Shared Services Financial Management

Serviceware Financial 6.1 is here, a module of Serviceware's integrated ESM platform. This is a powerful and innovative step forward for the ITFM software solution, which already enables the financial management of many organizations’ IT and Shared Services.

Experience a unique TBM/ITFM that adapts to any self-service or analytics practices and different use-cases.

"With Serviceware Financial 6, we have re-invented the approach to IT Financial Management (ITFM) or what is often referred to as Technology Business Management (TBM). The new philosophy is centered around a user-centric, collaborative planning approach and redefines the financial perspective at the interface between IT, the lines of business and finance. Version 6.1 brings additional BI and out-of-the-box analytics and reporting options , making this offering even more compelling to our customers"

Dirk Martin, CEO Serviceware SE

Serviceware Financial 6.1  makes the complex process of IT Financial Management and planning easier and the associated ROI transparent. However, it also as importantly, provides the ability to manipulate the cost data and develop ‘what if’ scenarios for the C-Suite, to provide them with the necessary agility to make the right choices in what continues to be an unpredictable market.

Key enhancements for Financial 6.1

With Serviceware Financial 6.1, you will enjoy a dramatically improved and customized, role-based user experience with comprehensive reporting and analytics features:

KPI Card

KPI Cards

KPI cards with new comparison filters allow faster conclusions and review of key performance indicators. As a result, evaluations can be made available more quickly to the relevant target groups. 

MS Power BI Embedded

In addition to integrated operational reporting, analytical reports can now also be displayed graphically. BI reporting becomes easier, more comprehensive and more widely available to a broader user base. Power BI Embedded extends the analytics functionality with standard BI dashboards out-of-the-box for different views on cost pools, IT towers, services and business units.

MS Power BI Embedded

Guided Collaboration

Guided Collaboration

We want to ensure that many different users and departments can work together on one financial process in a coordinated manner and receive notifications proactively whenever an action is required.

Big Data Pivot Reports

Displaying  large amounts of data with full pivoting functionality and simultaneous optimization of performance expands the integrated reporting option for real-time evaluations. It also provides expandable standard queries in list and pivot form.

Big Data Reporting



Enabling highly advanced and intuitive user guidance through processes and financial tasks, facilitating high-quality financial steering for even the most occasional user.


Customized start pages enable more stakeholders and roles to get direct access to their information, navigate easily through the system, steer financial profitability, and perform cost optimization through powerful KPIs.


Refreshed Design and Navigation

Refreshed Design and Navigation

Enables users to quickly learn and effectively use the solution, making them more productive in their roles.

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