Simulation, Cost Modelling and Planning

Serviceware Financial 6.4

Serviceware Financial 6.4 offers more speed in simulations and cost modelling - "what if"-scenarios are now a matter of minutes only.

In addition, it comes with a powerful proven planning component that integrates seamlessly into the customizable Serviceware Financial workstreams.

You'll continue to work with the most flexible cost model in IT Financial and Technology Business Management, of course - the Digital Value Model.

New release

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Key updates include:

  • Service Cost Modelling: How changes in the composition of service costs can be easily calculated and simulated
  • Simulation of specific situations, i.e. : "What happens when new employees join?" How does that affect the service costs?
  • How the powerful planning component can be integrated into customizable Serviceware Financial workstreams
  • Configuration and planning: How to flexibly configure the planning module for your use case and plan with it

"Enterprise customers profit from Serviceware Financial in multiple ways. The ignition spark on your way from data to dashboard is the underlying calculation model. We call it ‘Digital Value Model’, because it provides enough flexibility to incorporate enterprise-specific tags and attributes when allocating costs, while managing budget and demand are standardized on the processes layer, all with a focus on uncovering those value creating opportunities. With flexibility and standards in balance, customers’ sometimes herculean efforts for implementation are reduced significantly. They can draw from best practices and get a head start on their way to the multiple benefits of TBM as defined by the TBM council. The Digital Value Model is your fast track to TBM.”

Dirk K. Martin, CEO of Serviceware

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