TBM + FinOps or How to Translate Spend into Value

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About the webinar

How to Translate Spend into Value

One talking business strategy and value top-down, one talking operations and value bottom-up? "Technology Business Management (TBM) enables leaders to manage the business of technology, so they can react quickly to changing markets, make data-driven decisions and align their organizations around common business objectives", is the TBM council's definition of the TBM framework. While "FinOps is an operational framework and cultural practice which maximizes the business value of cloud," states finops.org. So how can IT Controllers get a grip on cloud costs and optimize cloud provisions as part of the entire IT value chain?

Gain valuable insights on:

  • People, processes and solutions: How to connect and collaborate
  • How to ensure combined strategic outcomes such as Cloud Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), Cloud Chargeback and Cloud Planning
  • The role a combination of TBM and FinOps could play in managing and controlling the costs associated with the transition to servitization.
  • The Serviceware Digital Value Model


Fabian Mieloch

Fabian Mieloch

Manager Global Presales Financial & Performance, Serviceware SE