Forrester: Why ITFM Matters to You

In the age of digital transformation, principles of IT Financial Management - also called Technology Business Management (TBM) sometimes - become more and more important to create transparency in your IT organization and to enable more focussed, goal-oriented business decisions. Forrester teamed up with Serviceware to create this report on the importance of ITFM initiatives for your business.

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Transform your IT approach and prove the value IT generates

We care about companies making the most of their IT. As vendors of software solutions for IT Financial Management, we understand that the principles of ITFM are the gateway to successfully growing your business in the future. Download the new Forrester report by Bill Martorelli, and find out what exactly ITFM is, why it is so important, and how you can leverage it for your own benefit.

Learn about the struggles of IT leaders world-wide
Find out about the three pillars of ITFM Success
Use ITFM principles to realize the true value of IT

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